The foundations for the Papatoitoi Cricket Club were laid at an inaugural Meeting held in the spring of 1905. This Meeting was attended by Messrs. F M Waters, D Burnside, T Haslip and E Weir. This enthusiastic group soon engendered sufficient support for the formation of a Club and Mr J W Sumner was elected President with Mr D Burnside as Club Captain. The first recorded game was played against East Tamaki on a paddock near the Presbyterian Church, on the corner of the Great South Road and East Tamaki Road. East Tamaki were dismissed in the first innings for 3 runs !! In these early years games were all friendly ones. 

Papatoitoi had a population of just 193 when the cricket club was formed in 1906. It was in the 1909-1910 season that the Club was able to really advance with the laying of a turf wicket on the recently acquired Recreation Ground. The Recreation Ground, comprising ten and a half acres, had been purchased through the efforts of the Papatoetoe and Surrounding District Progressive League. Before their acquisition, the grounds had been planned as an orchard, so holes for the fruit trees needed to be filled in. 

Like most newly-formed organisations, the League had no money and all the money for this then very considerable purchase had to be borrowed, and the property was vested in five trustees being: F M Waters, S Hodge, H A Swaffield, I Gray, and Mrs Eliza Wallace. For the purchase, ₤200 had been loaned by the Martyn brothers, and the balance of ₤600 was borrowed on mortgage; the cost of the ground worked out at about ₤75 per acre. The ground was called the Kolmar Recreation Ground for its first twenty years of existence. The responsibility for Mr Swaffield was not his only contribution to the Cricket Club, for he immediately became associated with the administration of the Club, and his three sons, A A (Alec),H E (Harry),and later, P W (Percy) became prominent players and administrators. Alec Swaffield, President 1946 -1963 and life member, and Harry Swaffield, Secretary 1920 – 1928 and life member rank with Dave Burnside, Club Captain 1906-1944 and life member, and E H Burnside, Treasurer 1920 -1934 as players and administrators of great character and calibre, who guided the Club successfully for over thirty years. 

This new wicket and ground proved a great asset and the turf wicket was serviced with water from a not too distant windmill. All the work of leveling of the ground and wicket along with the laying or the water pipes was accomplished by Club members themselves. The Club and game continued to flourish and just prior to the 1914-18 war, five Papatoitoi players were chosen for a suburban representative team to go on tour. These players were Alec Swaffield, Percy Swaffield, C Clark, Dave Burnside and Harry Swaffield. 

No cricket was played during the 1914-18 war but the Club was kept alive by Dave Burnside and Alec Swaffield. The two stalwarts had to dig up the water pipes on the cricket ground and sell them to meet interest charges that were almost overwhelming the Club, so ending the first turf wicket! 

THE MIDDLE YEARS 1920'S & 1930'S

After the war the Club became active again with a Meeting in the spring of 1920. Mr F M Waters became the second President, an office he held until 1946. Dave Burnside continued as Club Captain with Harry Swaffield as Secretary and Ennis (Dol) Burnside as Treasurer. The Club continued its affiliation with the outer Suburban Cricket Association which was in turn affiliated with the Auckland City and Suburban Cricket Association. This was a time of change and advancements and a further team was formed with a large percentage of school boys in the ranks. W Harvey was the first captain of this team to be succeeded later by Jack Havill. 

In 1923, the name Papatoitoi was officially changed to Papatoetoe. The Cricket Club also changed to the new spelling and in the following year of 1924 changed its affiliation of parent bodies to become a member Club of the Auckland Cricket Association. The top team was entered in the Senior B Competition. At this stage the wicket on the recreation ground was asphalt covered with matting. No practice facilities were available at the ground and members practised on a turf wicket in a vacant area on the corner of Coronation Road and Detro Street, where the Masonic Hall is now sited. In 1927 a further two wickets were developed at the ground where members themselves organised these developments with their own labour. All mowing and maintenance was voluntary with Alec Swaffield and Dr J J Valentine making their vehicles available to cart the very heavy coir mats to the wickets each Saturday morning. With these new wickets came future players and administrators. Noteworthy amongst these were: 

  • Dr J J Valentine, Secretary 1931-1940 and later to be a life member
  • Ernie Bray, Treasurer 1934-1956, later also to become a life member
  • Bill Joynt, player-administrator, later a life member.

Perhaps, however, one of the greatest contributors to the game in the Club was Mr Alf Winks who became sole selector in 1934 and continued through until 1949-50. Alf Winks was a long serving member of the Management Committee of both the Club and the Auckland Cricket Association. As a member of A.C.A. Committee he most actively put forward the many efforts of Papatoetoe to be promoted to Senior A ranks. He, too, became a Life Member. 

During the 1930 and 1931 seasons the Club sent several deputations to the Local Town Board requesting improvements to the recreation ground in the way of leveling and laying down of turf wickets. Their efforts finally bore fruit and in 1932 the Town Board took advantage of a Government scheme to employ local unemployed to upgrade the ground to its present standard. This work took 18 months. During the renovation period, games continued to be played on the ground. The practice venue was changed at this time from the Masonic Hall site to an area in Reeves Avenue where Mr Edgar Burnside's house now stands. When all the ground improvements were completed, the standard of play within the Club improved considerably and Papatoetoe teams were always well to the fore in their respective grades. 

The years just prior to the outbreak of the Second World War saw some good cricket and some good cricketers from the Papatoetoe Club. In 1937-38 the Second grade team captained by Alec Swaffield was runner-up in the championship. In 1938-39 the Senior B side (the Club's top team) captained by Charlie Broberg was joint winner of the Auckland Senior B championship. Notable in this team's effort was the fine bowling of Jack Havill who took over 60 wickets for the season at an average of 9 runs per wicket. John Elliott, the first Club player to gain Brabin Cup selection was also a member of this winning team.

Club Timeline

1905-06 Papatoitoi Cricket Club formed 

1909-10 First turf wicket laid at Recreation Ground 

1914-19 Cricket not played during World War I. Water pipes were dug up and sold to cover interest charges. 

1920 Club restarted and was affiliated to Outer Suburban Cricket Association which was affiliated to Auckland City and Suburban Cricket Association. There was an asphalt wicket covered by matting. 

1923 Name changed to Papatoetoe at the same time as did the Central School 

1924 Affiliation changed to Auckland Cricket Association 

1930-31 Dr J J Valentine wins bat for first century of season [in Auckland??] 

1931-32 Papatoetoe wins NRM Cup for Fourth Grade championship 

1932 Town Board agrees to level Recreation Ground 

1933 Unemployed labour engaged for 18 months to complete the levelling of the Recreation Ground, all by hand. They laid 5 wickets with the No. 1 wicket laid in Port Albert clay. 

1935-36 Club makes first application for Senior A status. A.C.A. runs Cricketers bus to Papatoetoe from city. 

1936-37 Club membership limited to 70 at A.G.M. J Elliot scores 3 centuries and wins Matthews Bat for first century of season. He was selected for Brabin Cup. 

1938-39 Papatoetoe shares Senior B championship with Ponsonby-Balmoral 

1940-41 Papatoetoe wins Gordun Cup for Junior Club championship. Papatoetoe wins Senior B championship with captain Jack Havill taking a record 78 wickets at 11 runs per wicket 

1942-43 A.C.A. cancels cricket at the Rec late in the season and forces all games to be played in the city 

1943-44 Second Grade captained by Ralph McCorkindale win their championship. 

1945-46 Third Grade win Carson Cup for most sporting team in competition 

1947-48 Papatoetoe finally elevated to Senior status along with Suburbs Club. Alf Winks becomes first Papatoetoe delegate on A.C.A. Senior Management committee. Papatoetoe enters six teams but two withdrawn due to polio epidemic. 

1949-50 Papatoetoe wins Club championship for first time 

1952-53 Papatoetoe wins Club championship. K R Deas first Papatoetoe player picked for Auckland 

1954-55 R Harris, E Dunn and B Bodle all represent Auckland. B Bodle wins Riddolls Cup for most improved First Grade player 

1955-56 PDCC Celebrates its Golden Jubilee season 

1956-57 G Gedye wins Ridings Cup for highest score on Eden Park 

1957-58 R Farman wins Ridings Cup, R Harris wins Riddolls Cup 

1958-59 R Farman captains Auckland to win Plunket Shield. G Gedye shares Ridings Cup. 

1959-60 Club wins Senior championship for first time. Club wins Club championship and Grosvenor Cup. G Ronaldson awarded Carson Cup. K Parish wins Ridings Cup. Four out of six teams win their championships. 

1960-61 Stage 1 of the club pavillion opens 

1961-62 Club wins Senior championship 

1962-63 Club wins Club championship. K Deas wins Ridings Cup and awarded Carson Cup 

1963-64 Club wins Senior championship 

1964-65 Club wins Club championship. Intermediate team wins first of six consecutive championships 

1966-67 Club wins Senior championship. First women's team formed 

1967-68 Club wins Schoolboys' Intermediate Tournament at Keith Hay Park 

1968-69 Club wins Senior championship. First Schoolboy Christmas Tournament held at Papatoetoe. D Currie achieved most wicket-keeping dismissals for second consecutive season 

1971-72 Club wins Club Championship. D Currie awarded Carson Cup. G Troup wins Riddolls Cup 

1977-78 K Deas becomes founding chairman of A.C.A. Board of Control 

1978-79 Club wins first Papatoetoe Six-a-side Tournament. K Deas appointed to N.Z. Cricket Council. L Rewcastle wins Riddolls Cup

1982-83 A.C.A. Centenary. Club's first engagement of overseas Pro, David Smith. T Hellaby awarded Carson Club

1983-84 Club wins Premier Men’s Two Day Championship, runners up in Lion One Day Championship. Bill Athey is the overseas Pro.

1984-85 I Plummer awarded Carson Cup. W Stamp wins S R Speed Trophy

1985-86 Club wins Lion One Day championship and also the ASB Colts Tournament. C Wallace wins S Speed Trophy. R Williams (Pro) tops A.C.A. club aggregate

1986-87 Club wins Premier Men’s Two Day Championship and the Club Championship. K R Deas made A.C.A. Life Member and President of A.C.A. S Poole tops A.C.A. club aggregate. Three artificial wickets laid. New scoreboard commissioned ex-Eden Park.

1989-90 J Wright wins Auckland Cricketer of the Year. Senior A win both Two Day and One Day championship. Club shared Grosvenor Cup

1991-92 Club wins the Premier Men Two Day Championship and two other championships. S Peterson wins ASB Cricketer of Year. M Peterson wins S R Speed Trophy

1992-93 D Boyd sets a record Club aggregate of 1241 scoring 7 centuries in President's grade.

1993-94 M Bradley shares W R Fee Trophy for highest score outside Eden Park. K Ramel becomes first Women's Club Cricketer of the Year. Club wins Grosvenor Cup. Papatoetoe Women win One Day title.

1994-95 D Currie appointed to board of New Zealand Cricket

1997-98 Neil Ronaldson wins ASB Club player title

2000-01 Rebecca Rolls takes the final catch to win the Women’s World Cup

2001-02 Premiers win lower division, and promotion

2002-03 Club wins the Premier Men Two Day Championship

2005-06 Papatoetoe Cricket Club celebrates its centenary season, culminating on Waitangi weekend 2006, with a formal dinner and festival match.2007-08 Club wins the Premier Men Two Day Championship

2008-09 Club wins the Premier Men T20 Championship

2009-10 D Currie appointed as president of New Zealand Cricket
Demolition of the existing clubrooms and construction begins for the new "sportsville" multi-sport facility.
Re-alignment of the three artificial wickets and new nets open.

2010-11 G Troup unanimously elected as president of the A.C.A. Papatoetoe Premier Men team granted a place in the new format "major championship" - for the Hedley Howarth Trophy. The minor championship is named after the late Tom Hellaby, who passed in 2009.

Three premier players, Bhupinder Singh, Gareth Shaw & Lance Shaw win contracts for the Auckland Aces. Bhupinder also tours Zimbabwe with the NZA side. Construction completed and opening of the new "Papatoetoe Sports Centre" complex, which includes three lane indoor facilities and multiple changing rooms.