Parental Involvement

Junior Cricket is one of those games that needs lots of parent support to ensure the games go smoothly and help the kids have lots of fun (it can be a long game too).  While plenty of parents do get involved some may not know how.  Here is the PCC Junior Committee's guide to getting involved.

If you like:

Moving Around – Coaching is for you

Getting the kids warmed up and ready to play, offering tips and making sure they have their helmet on the right way (and trying to get batters to wear a box).  For those that want to become a better coach the club can support you with getting basic coaching skills and NZC qualifications.  If Coaching isn’t for you being the water runner for injuries or in charge of the coffee run is just as important.

Standing – Umpiring is for you

Standing out in the middle being in the thick of the action.  Minimum standard is being able to count to 6 and build your game skills and knowledge from there.

Sitting – Scoring is for you

It’s the perfect way for getting out of any jobs (like throw downs) and is very important especially for the statistically minded players out there (we all know one). Play HQ is used for U10s up and Junior World Series.  Score a back yard game or a game on TV to practice. If you are interested please get in touch with as scoring sessions will be conducted by ACA from August 22nd.

Organising – Managing is for you

If you’re a WhatsApp guru or all over Heja (look it up if you haven’t used it – its great) managing is for you.  Making sure you have the numbers, they know where they are going and by what time.

It doesn’t have to be parents either.  It might be an opportunity to get grandparents, siblings, neighbours, or anyone involved really.